How to Add RSS Sitemap in WordPress 2022

Are you considering adding an RSS sitemap to WordPress? RSS sitemap can help Google index new website content and update it quicker. Google suggests using RSS sitemap in conjunction with an XML sitemap to maximize SEO benefits.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to add RSS sitemaps in WordPress without writing code.

What is RSS Sitemap?

In contrast to traditional XML sitemap, which is typically enormous, RSS sitemaps are small since they contain only the latest updates to your website.

Google searches RSS sitemaps more often, which assists in getting your updates indexes faster and increases your WordPress SEO ranking.

Google recommends using both XML sitemaps

An excellent method to imagine it this way could be that XML sitemaps provide Google information on all the pages and posts on your site. In contrast, RSS sitemaps are updated by Google on information that was recently modified.

To ensure optimal crawling, Google recommends using both XML sitemaps and an RSS sitemap.

Following the kind of website that you are running, you might be able to add the websitemap with video as well as a news sitemap in addition to the RSS sitemap to maximize SEO advantages.

In this regard, let’s look at ways to create an RSS sitemap in WordPress.

How to Add RSS Sitemap in WordPress

The most straightforward way to create an RSS sitemap in WordPress is to use the All-in-One SEO plugin. This is by far the most effective WordPress SEO-related plugin that is used by more than 3 million websites.

The premium edition of AIOSEO on columnspoint boosts our SEO ranking; however, this RSS Sitemap option is accessible with the standard version.

add RSS Sitemap in WordPress

The first thing you must accomplish is installing and activating your All-in-One SEO plugin. Check out our step-by-step instructions for installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

After activation, you’ll be asked to follow the set-up wizard that guides you through. It’s incredibly user-friendly and will assist you in setting up the correct options.

To activate the RSS sitemap within WordPress, You must visit AIOSEO’s Sitemaps settings page and click for the RSS Sitemap tab.

Turn on the toggle to enable the Sitemap option, then click the enable Sitemap option. That’s it.

AIOSEO Enable Sitemap

You’ve added an RSS sitemap successfully to WordPress. Click the “Open” RSS Sitemap button and see the way your RSS sitemap appears.

You can also visit the following website:

After you have activated it, you’ll have to upload the RSS sitemap to Google Search Console.

The process for submitting an RSS sitemap is the same as how you’d submit every other type of sitemap. This is a thorough guide about how to upload your sitemap using the Google Search Console.

Google reads the RSS sitemap

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice from the screenshot in the above image Google reads the RSS sitemap quicker than it reads all of the XML sitemaps.

This is why we strongly suggest enabling this feature to gain an edge in competitive SEO.

AIOSEO is a potent WordPress SEO plugin with all the features required to increase your rankings in search engines. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to install All in One SEO for maximum benefit.

Final Thoughts on WordPress RSS Sitemap

RSS web sitemaps have been in use for quite a while; however, many website owners do not know how to use them to their advantage. This is because most web builder or WordPress SEO plugins do not have this feature.

AIOSEO, short for All in One SEO, is the most extensive SEO toolkit. It is built-in with RSS sitemap features and many other functions.

We switched columnspoint to Yoast plugin to the AIOSEO plugins; we noticed an increase in our search engine rankings and site traffic. We believe that one of the main reasons for this is RSS sitemaps. RSS sitemap feature, which made our content updates more quickly indexed.

Wordpress Website Add RSS Sitemap and Indexing Fast

In recent times, Microsoft has launched the IndexNow protocol to further improve SEO speed. It’s currently only utilized in conjunction with Bing and Yandex, and we’re making use of both IndexNow as well as the RSS sitemaps to improve the SEO performance of our site.

The positive side is AIOSEO is the very first WordPress SEO plugin to include IndexNow support, too, as they’re always on top of SEO developments. We hope this article has helped you understand how to add RSS sitemaps to WordPress.

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